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About us

Fellow Second Amendment defenders, For as long as we can remember, our constitutional right to keep and bears arms has been under attack in the state of New York. Politicians have considered you and me the real criminals, while letting actual criminals roam freely to prey on our communities. Despite the recent victory for our rights in the Supreme Court, our state’s politicians continue to wage war on our ability to defend ourselves and our families. So that’s why I started this site, so the community of law-abiding gun owners in New York have a place to call home. Here, you can find local gun dealers, clubs and other enthusiasts, and mobilize together to protect our rights. We’ll announce upcoming events, link to 2A-friendly candidates and their websites, and be the hub that connects gun owners from Albany to Buffalo, and from Plattsburgh to Long Island. It’s more important than ever that we get out and vote, and ensure “Shall not be infringed” is heard loud and clear by our elected officials. Thank you for visiting our site, and please spread the word. Standing together, our rights can never be taken.

Here at the 2a4ny portal you will be able to find everything you need related to the 2nd Amendment including court case updates, news, training, recommended ranges and more. If you own a firearms company that serves the firearms industry in any way, apply to get listed in our directory and start getting more exposure to your business.

Firearm Education Services:

Your one-stop resource for firearms lovers, enthusiasts and professional!!!!

  • Whether you are new to the shooting sports or an experienced enthusiast…
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Here at 2A4NY we will provide you with the most comprehensive directory of firearms instructional guidance based off of your geographical location.


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Here you will find the most comprehensive online business directory for all 2A related businesses throughout New York State.

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